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Knowledge Harvesting Engine

With the growth in rate and variety of published textual information, knowledge extraction, and management has become a major challenge. Essence Intelligence’s Knowledge Harvesting Engine is designed by ex-military intelligence specialists and academic experts. We developed machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms into a core artificial intelligence engine that now makes it possible to continuously analyze textual data and produce real-time actionable business insights, supporting critical decisions.

Open Source Coverage

Our engine automatically scans and mines intelligent insights from the open web and proprietary data to support decisions and answer research queries on the spot.

Covered Sources and Databases:

  • Top-notch global world news
  • Hyperlocal news coverage (from cities around the world)
  • Search engines
  • Scholarly and academic databases
  • Social media
  • Expert blogs
  • Public databases
  • Paste sites
We support integration with proprietary data.

The Intelligence Way

Our AI engines never stop processing information in real-time. We apply military grade standards when harvesting and analyzing data. Our engine monitors massive amounts of multi-language web pages and files, containing knowledge in textual form. Using machine learning and NLP algorithms, we conduct deep analysis. The engine extracts and visualizes tangible facts and insights based on semantic features within the text, turning data into intelligence.

Critical Thinking

We make big data analytics and automation tools to help analysts improve their critical thinking. Information specialists and analysts are looking for an efficient approach to consume data and answer critical information needs. Our products were designed by industry professionals to answer real-use cases, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and ease of use. Our technology shrinks the information into smaller, prioritized data sets, promoting a higher plane of view and analysis while decreasing the time spent on culling reports and reading articles.