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The Essence Intelligence Platform

AI Powered Real-Time Business Monitoring - Without the Noise

Precise Real Time Business Intelligence, Without the Noise.
Essence Intelligence provides professional investors, business analysts, PR managers and knowledge centers with an AI-powered solution for finding the needle of relevant business content in the haystack of open web information. Helping pinpoint targeted assets for acquisition, analyze global investment themes and monitor portfolio assets and risks, including conduct risk and regulation changes.
Insights Tailored to Your Needs

The platform automatically monitors the web or any other textual data sources for your topic of interest and applies Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to narrow down the results, providing you with the most relevant insights and opportunities for your business needs, reducing the processing, searching and analysis time as well as the noise of irrelevant information to a minimum.

Analyzing more information in minutes than a professional analyst does in months, the platform is both comprehensive and laser focused on your needs - providing the right information at the right time.

Cognitive AI Engine

The platform includes intuitive and easy to use analytics, powered by Essence Intelligence proprietary Cognitive APIs, providing our users with automated text summarization, extraction of keywords, named entities (Organizations, People, locations, etc.), hashtags, and more.

Allowing knowledge centers, investors, PR teams, product and brand managers to be productive and in full control.

Additional Platform Benefits:
  • The platform self-learns, adapts and improves the more you use it
  • Fresh content delivered on the minute with real-time data processing
  • Automatic summarization and deduplication, reduces reading workload by over 90%
  • Simple seat-based pricing and zero deployment Software as a Service model
  • User data and work kept private, secure and forever archived
  • Used by fortune 500 enterprises, governments, and global leading corporations
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