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Investment Intelligence
Scout Companies
That Fit Your Portfolio
No more delays and missed opportunities. Whether you are looking for companies in growth or impending dissolutions, our platform will keep you informed before everyone else.
Monitor & Analyze Performance and Reputation
Carefully observe and analyze the broader factors that influence a company’s value. Track the company's ongoing performance, while watching regulatory changes and global markets advancements.
Reach Out, Buyout or Invest, and Sustain Your Assets
Access real-time company data and contact the key leadership members of your selected companies. The platform will continue to alert on critical events and adverse media.

An objective evaluation of the potential for growth or risk of a target or portfolio company requires looking deep below the surface.

The Essence Intelligence platform offers automated and accurate intelligence and analysis for hedge funds, private equity firms, special situation funds, large investment houses and banks who require investigative research and real-time monitoring on their investment opportunities. The results are daily alerts and updates, carefully classified to drive decisive investment or trading actions, supported by thorough analytics.

The Essence Intelligence platform identifies risks such as ESG criteria, potential insolvency, fraud or mismanagement in a company while also pointing out positive events such as a business increase in emerging markets. The platform provides actionable insights to fill the gaps of manual analysis.

1 Investment Scouting and Targeting Assets for Acquisition
Targeting portfolio-fitting companies and assets for acquisition at the peak of the momentum is often a challenging and costly task. Current methodologies include months of manual research and analysis, causing severe delays and missed opportunities. The Essence Intelligence Platform applies state of the art algorithms to pinpoint potential investments on the rise and at optimal momentum. Wheater you are looking for companies in growth or impending dissolutions, Essence Intelligence will keep you informed before everyone else.
2 Strategy & Leadership Screening
The Essence Intelligence Platform conducts a thorough monitoring and in-depth analysis of key leadership members of selected companies, including executives and board members. The platform seeks, pinpoints, and alerts on personal events, reported interests, motivations, strategies, and adverse media. The platform handles major financial operations such as IPOs or possible bankruptcies, supporting different investment positions and trading strategies.
3 Investment Monitoring, Market Changes and Trends
The Essence Intelligence Platform helps track the broader factors that influence a company’s value, such as the effects of regulatory changes on a pharmaceutical manufacturer or the growth in the robotics and automation vertical and it's effect on low-tech industries. The platform helps to carefully observe and analyze investment themes and global markets to accurately appreciate the markets' true potential and a company’s value.
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