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Essence Intelligence
for Financial Services

Find new revenue sources and uncover otherwise missed opportunities

Be the first to identify investment opportunities,
beyond the reach of human analysts.
Analyze Global Investment Themes

Formulate better decisions for yourself and clients you
advise. Articles are automatically identified and classified
to investment themes, highlighting trends, supporting in-depth
research and due diligence.

Essence Intelligence substantially reduces research time
and associated cost.

Pinpoint Targeted Assets for Acquisition

Target investment opportunities that fit your portfolio.
Focus anywhere in the world, on public or private
companies, startups, real-estate, commodities, stocks etc.

Easily identify firms in a special situation, find trending
start-ups in various stages of their funding cycle.

Monitor Portfolio Assets and Risks
Track the activity of existing portfolio assets. Identify
potential risks and opportunities associated with
performance, reputation, and competitive landscape.
Cut through the noise

Our proprietary cognitive Artificial Intelligence engine
provides automated text summarization, translation,
extraction of top keywords, named entities, and more.

The platform learns and adjusts to your requirements the
more you use it.

Our technology can separate even a faint signal from the surrounding noise, helping you find the needle in the haystack.
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