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Corporate Intelligence

Exclusive knowledge constitutes a significant business advantage. The ability to obtain timely, relevant, information is essential for business development, strategy planning, and performance.

Understanding your competitors' position, watching their activities, and how they identify their business targets, are all key factors in strategizing your company's' success. The Essence Intelligence Platform is uniquely positioned to provide this information.

The Essence Intelligence Platform produces up-to-date insights, showing an accurate picture of competitors' strategies, product releases, and relevant announcements. We help identify business opportunities, study emerging trends, and reduce financial risks and uncertainty.

1 Competitive Intelligence
Essence Intelligence specializes in gathering and analyzing intelligence that enables the clients to better understand their business environment, risks, and competitive edge. Our AI-powered Business Monitoring Platform provides timely and detailed information on the competitive landscape, competitor’s activities, strategies, practices, R&D plans, products and services, emerging relationships and supply chains.
2 Compliance Monitoring & Due Diligence Alerts
Decisions involving mergers & acquisitions, new partnerships, and operation expansion involves trade-offs between risks and benefits. The Essence Intelligence Platform produces compliance alerts and due diligence updates on potential business targets (people and companies). We help support our clients' compliance efforts and conduct risk supervision by providing information on legal, reputation and procedures of designated targets, including sanctions violations, money laundering, terror financing, organized crime, and adverse media.
3 Generating Business Opportunities
The Essence Intelligence platform provides insights into potential markets and opportunities for companies looking to study the ecosystem and expand and grow. The platform processes any language and fetches information from any area in the world, providing a worldwide view of the market.
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