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Investment Research Automated
with Artificial Intelligence

Scout Companies
That Fit Your Portfolio
No more delays and missed opportunities. Whether you are looking for companies in growth or impending dissolutions, our platform will keep you informed before everyone else.
Monitor & Analyze Performance and Reputation
Carefully observe and analyze the broader factors that influence a company’s value. Track the company's ongoing performance, while watching regulatory changes and global markets advancements.
Reach Out, Buyout or Invest, and Sustain Your Assets
Access real-time company data and contact the key leadership members of your selected companies. The platform will continue to alert on critical events and adverse media.

Join top companies that use the Essence Intelligence platform

The Essence Intelligence platform provides access to information beyond human reach.
The platform can process in minutes more content than a team of human analysts can in a month.
Our technology monitors investment themes, spots trends in the ecosystem, targets investment
opportunities and keeps track of regulation changes as well as conduct risks scenarios.
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